Quickly and simply, develop and playback a demo simulation of a software solution on a Windows or MAC device that looks feels and acts just like a live system. Perfect for system engineers, sales and others that have a requirement to develop and play back their own simulations. To share simulations with a broad group of users upgrade to an Enterprise version ---- all simulations created on Personal are compatible in the Enterprise version.

Demo Easel LLC
  • UI Abstraction technology captures the customer facing interaction
  • Simulations run locally on PC, MAC or tablet devices
  • Eliminate any technical challenges of conducting a demo
  • Provides a live dome experience
  • No post production editing required
Demo Easel LLC


Same capabilities as within the Personal version along with the ability to ‘Publish’ demo simulations in a variety of formats. Different personnel present demos ranging from inside reps, experienced field sales, systems engineers all the way up to senior executives. Demos are over the phone via a share site, in person, at trade show and as a keynote presenter! – Make each group look their best and conduct the perfect demo every time!


Simulation makes it easy to present consistently great “live” sales demos. With Simulation, prospects see a fail-proof demo that is indistinguishable from the real product. Simulations are optimized for reliability, realism and ease of presentation made that looks and acts just like the live product. Presenters can keep a demo library on a local laptop so they are ready to present any demo, any time – even when internet connectivity is unavailable.

  • Simulations run locally on PC, MAC, or tablet devices
  • Training and full simulation modes
  • Enable field team to present anywhere, anytime
  • No connectivity requirements
  • Eliminate any technical challenges


Public simulations are self-service demo simulations customers and prospects use to experience the product’s best features in action. Publish to public websites or as a lead generation tool behind registration forms. Public simulations load quickly, work smoothly and provide a great experience any time on any device, even on slow internet connections.

  • Customer self-service demo
  • Demo playback from a primary website
  • Walk through demos
  • Demo walk through with full animation


Keynote simulations for Large Audiences combine the impact of live demos with the reliability of slides. DemoEasel customers use Key Note simulations to present critical demos at the biggest events, often showing new products that are not yet stable enough for a live demo. Keynote simulations are optimized for reliability, repeatability, life-like simulation and ease of presentation. Instead of worrying about whether everything will work, speakers are free to focus on telling the story and presenting an amazing demo.

  • Present at the trade show with confidence
  • Ensure the perfect result with executives
  • Show the latest release of software while ensuring no technical issues
  • Optimized for large screens and audiences


Experience the power of DemoEasel yourself. Try one of the online simulations above or download a free trial and get started on creating the perfect demo.